Weighting and Certification Levels

Weighting and Certification Levels

The CSC certification system is applicable to the following activities: concrete plants, cement plants and aggregate quarries. The CSC Certificate for a concrete plant always includes the performance of the supply chain (which has a weight of 40% of the total score). The CSC Suppliers Certificate for cement and aggregate takes into account the performance of the respective plant and will be used in providing the needed supply chain evidence to the CSC Certificate for concrete.

Schematic description of the weighting of different activities.

Weighting of different categories

The four main categories (management, environment, social topics and economic topics) do not have an equal weight and are not the same for concrete, cement and aggregate certification. An overview of the available points by category and activity is given in the following table.

Calculation & weightingRMXCEMAGGRMXCEMAGG
M – management333323111
E – environment7313772443
S – social topics484542111
B – Economic252525000

Overall score for a concrete plant

The overall score for a concrete plant depends 60 percent on the score for its own operations; the other 40 percent depend on the scores of its cement (25%) and aggregate (15%) suppliers, see also Figure 1. Consequently, the overall score is calculated from the partial score for its own operations and the scores of its suppliers in the following way:

Score(overall) = 60% * score(concrete)[%age] + 25% * score(cement)[%age] + 15% * score(aggregate)[%age]

Where score(cement) and score(aggregate) are the average scores (weighted by mass) of the cement and aggregate suppliers, respectively.

Certification levels for concrete
plants and suppliers

The CSC has the following certification levels: Bronze,Silver, Gold and Platinum.
The following minimum score needs to be achieved

Furthermore, the following additional requirements need to be fulfilled:

The plant has to comply with all prerequisites.

The plant has to score the points in the mandatory criteria for the corresponding level. The table «2.1 List of
Prerequisite Criteria for Silver, Gold, Platinum» summarizes the information in the description of all criteria regarding whether they are mandatory for a certain level; in the case of a discrepancy between the table and the discription in each criterion the latter will prevail.

For all certification levels of Silver the partial score of the concrete plant has to be at least 60%
(=> 36% of overall score)

For all certification levels of Gold and above the partial score of the concrete plant has to be at least 80%
(=> 48% of overall score)

For the CSC-certification level of “Platinum” a concrete plant must provide evidence for a supply chain coverage of 75% for cement AND for aggregates respectively. The coverage is proven by the respective mass of cement AND the mass of aggregates supplied from producers holding a CSC certificate at the level “Gold” or “Platinum”.

Suppliers who have not achieved the minimum score for the Bronze level but who comply with the mandatory prerequisites contribute to the final score of their clients with their score but do not receive a certificate.